Smart Key Pouch


Finally a way to use your Lock Box with any Smart Key! Simply add the Smart Key to our Smart Key Pouch. The Copper and Nickel material, along with the conductive hook & loop closure block the Smart Key signal, so it won't unlock the car while in the Lock Box. Service can also use these Smart Key Pouches to lock the Smart Key in the vehicle if a customer needs and after hours pick up. Just have the customer leave the Pouch in the overnight drop box.


These pouches are Military grade and used by Homeland Security. Lightweight and plexible to allow any size Smart Key. Made in the USA. Sold seperately


  • Reusable

  • Military Grade

  • Made in the USA

  • Lightweight & flexible

  • Used by Homeland Security

  • Conductive hook & loop closure

  • Large enough for any Smart Key Fob